We are thrilled to help you get started.  Here are some of our frequently asked questions and answers.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.

  1. What does Leela Mean?
  2. What class should I start with?
  3. What if I have an old injury, or I’m really inflexible, or...?
  4. What do I wear?
  5. What do I bring?
  6. How do I sign up for classes?
  7. Do classes expire?
  8. Can I share a class pack?
  9. Do you offer discounts?
  10. Can I bring my child with me to class?
  11. Any other etiquette tips and tidbits?

1) What does Leela Mean?

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning "play".  Here it is in Sanskrit: लीला.  Pretty, eh? As a yoga concept, leela encompasses the idea that the unfolding of the cosmos --including creation, destruction, and recreation-- is a dance, a product of divine joy and creative playfulness. It is a process by which the universe comes to understand itself.  We experience Leela as the great adventure and the great discovery of living life.

2) What class should I start with?

You are welcome to jump right into one of our beginner classes. We offer an introductory class pass of 3 classes for $25 so that you can take a few of our classes and find the teacher that is right for you. Another approach would be to take one of our Yoga 101 workshops before attending a class. Some new students prefer a one-on-one session before attending a class. We’re happy to set that up for you.  Just remember, embrace your beginner-ness, it is a beautiful thing to be new and to not-know. Have fun!

3) How do I sign up for classes?

You have options here. You can go to our
Classes or Workshops tab and purchase class passes or workshops there OR you can show up about 10 minutes prior to the class you want to attend and pay at the front desk. Signing up online allows you to reserve space in classes as well.   Advanced purchase and reservation is not required but it is recommended for classes at busy times such as weekend mornings.

4) What do I wear?

Comfy clothing that allows for movement and stretching. Fancy yoga clothes, not required. We do recommend slimmer fitting shirts, and slim legged or cuffed pants and shorts so that you don’t accidentally reveal more than you intend to.

5) What if I have an old injury, or I’m really inflexible, or...?

If you have specific injuries or concerns you'd like to address be sure to let the instructor know before class.  Your teacher will help you find ways to modify poses to benefit your body.  You do not need to be flexible, or strong, or young, or female, or purple, or an octopus, or anything else to do yoga.  Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is not about your ability to perform acrobatics.  Yoga is about noticing how you feel and think, in order to replace detrimental habits with helpful habits. Come as you are, you are pretty great.

6) What do I bring?

The studio has a wide variety of yoga props available for your use. We do have mats for you to borrow at no charge.  We do recommend that you have your own mat if you come regularly.  We do sell mats at the studio. Other things you might want to bring include: a small towel, a hair tie, a friend.

7) Do classes expire?

Yes, please note that class packs do have an expiration date.  Expiration dates vary. See the Pricing page for details.

8) Can I share a class pack?

To protect the privacy of our students, classes and class packs may not be shared or transferred to other students under any circumstances.

9) Do you offer any discounts?

We do have a discounted rate for students, seniors (60+), military, police, and firefighters.  We also have several classes a week offered at $10, these are called community classes.  Another option is to join our work-trade program. A bit of your time in exchange for classes. Please contact us if you are interested

10) Can I bring my child with me to class?

Given the unique needs of children, children under the age of 12 may only attend general classes with advanced approval of studio and particular teacher.  We do hold series and classes specifically for children and teens.  Please see our schedule or contact us for more info on these. Please also note, a parent/guardian will need to sign a release form for any minors on their first visit.

11) Can you tell me any other etiquette tidbits I should know?

Sure!  First, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to allow time to sign in and get settled for class. It is up to individual teachers to decide if they allow latecomers. Please refrain from wearing fragrances to class. Pretty, pretty, pretty please, turn off your cell phone during class. After class, please put away yoga equipment neatly. That's it!